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UPCOMING EGKS Congress: Roma - November 2017

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This year's ELGKS meeting marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of our society. I'm sure you recall the initial spark to establish the ELGK Society came from physicist H-J Kreiner, motivated by the need to bring together the European practitioners within our subspecialty of Neurosurgery. I am proud to say that over the last 20 years we have met every November without fail – a clear testament to the success of our society!

The agenda for this year’s ELGKS meeting, for which I thank the support and involvement of Bodo Lippitz and Brigitte Gatterbauer, centers around recent crucial developments that may impact our profession for many years to come. I therefore kindly invite you all to join the discussion, share your views and experience in order to help us navigate the rapidly evolving future ahead. I believe that the potential impact of recent changes in our professional fields (neurosurgery, radiotherapy, physics) must be addressed now. Also, I would like to encourage you to contribute, even in an anecdotal format, to “The Grey Corner” mini-session – this session is intended to discuss those negative and thankfully rare occurrences that are otherwise seldom discussed amongst clinicians in a plenary.

Over the last twenty years we have been able to provide a growing number of patients the option of bloodless surgery. This history lends us considerable authority and represents real change in the quality of life and survival of patients. The sheer size of this accomplishment must of course first be credited to the inventor Lars Leksell. He unerringly envisaged the scope, but perhaps not the immense number of people all over the world that are benefitting from his invention.

This city was his home for years and Rome, I believe, fittingly hosts our meeting and this celebration both for this and for the conflicting inescapable reminders of European millennia.

Enrico D.F. Motti, president ELGKS



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About the Society

The concept of a European Society came up from a group of European Gamma Knife users in 1995. The idea was to create an independent forum reprensented by users of the technology.

The European Gamma Knife® Society was founded in 1998 as a forum for Gamma Knife clinicians, physicists and researchers to exchange information, experiences and clinical techniques, as well as clinical data on the use of Leksell Gamma Knife.